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Club Fitting

Club Fitting

Here are the top 5 benefits of getting your clubs custom fitted.

1. They get tailor-made for your swing

When getting your clubs fitted, you always go in for a personalized appointment. A professional fitter analyzes your swing and details your unique club tendencies. Software is used to ensure that no data is left out of the evaluation. Once the details are in place, the professional will identify the best shaft and clubhead for your individual profile.

2. It makes a huge difference in your performance

Once you have your custom clubs in tow, you should see a noticeable improvement to your score. The best way to test this for yourself is to visit the course you frequent the most. The familiarity you have with each hole will help you see the benefits firsthand.

3. It saves you money in the long run

While custom-fitting is a bit more expensive than buying a random set of clubs, you ultimately save money by going straight to the best equipment for your tendencies. Custom fitting services remove the trial-and-error process so you can get the best clubs right away. Buying a single custom set is way cheaper than buying a myriad of assorted products over time.

4. You can target a specific area of your game

Rather than going all out on a full set, many golfers choose to get a specific club custom fit in order to test the service. For instance, you may choose to order just a putter if that part of your game is the weakest. This allows you to bolster your skills in a more personalized manner. Once you confirm that the custom putter improves your score, you can opt to go back and complete the set if you so wish.

5. The service is quick and accessible

It has never been easier to book a custom fitting service. Empire Ranch Golf Club has a number of top equipment companies to choose from and the appointment process only takes about an hour. This means even golfers with little free time can still find a window in which to take their game to the next level.
We provide the opportunity to hit TaylorMade, Titleist, Callaway, and Mizuno.  

Fitting services we offer:

  1. Full golf bag
  2. Driver and fairway woods
  3. Irons
  4. Wedges
  5. Putter
  6. Gap analysis on the top end or bottom end of your irons.
  7. Current Club assessment and gap analysis.

A club fitting session costs $85.00.  If you purchase $1,000.00 (pre-tax) worth of equipment, your fitting fee will be deducted from the purchase.  All equipment must be ordered within 60 days of fitting for fitting fee credit.
Give the golf shop a call to schedule you a fitting.
916-817-8104  ext. 1


Choose from a large selection of grips, and all clubs will be finished within 24 hours. In some cases, clubs will be completed while you wait. Special order is available in any size or style. Prices vary.

Loft & Lie Adjustment

  • Single Club Adjustment | $5.00
  • Sets of 10–14 | $40.00
  • Limit of 2-degree change on forged heads | 2-degree change on cast heads

Length Adjustment | Steel & Graphite Clubs

  • Shorten or lengthen | $10/club
  • Save-a-Grip | $4/club (standard length grip only)

Installation cost built into the price of the grip.

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